Standard elements

Mestarifarmi high-quality standard element is ideal for many uses.

Our range has many options:

  • L-element: height 1550, 2300 and 2900 mm, for 15 tn machine weight
  • L-element: height 2900 and 3600 mm, for 20 tn machine weight
  • Slurry tank element: heigth 3000 and 4000 mm.

All our elements are CE-approved.

Also available installation service!


From Mestarifarmi L-element you can quickly make low-priced storage and storage space for a variety of uses.

Elements can be used in various storage purposes:

  • silage
  • fodder
  • grain
  • manure
  • wood chip
  • peat
  • machinery and equipment
  • composter

Later expansion is easy and cost-effective. Same element can be used intermediate and sidewall.

The elements are so robust that coverage and over construction are also possible.



Elements standard heights are 3000 mm and 4000 mm, element width is 1500 mm and thikness 125 mm.

  • the high-quality elements have a glassy and smooth surface
  • mounting instructions make the installation easy and fast.
  • supplied with mounting plates

These elements can also be used as tanks in biogas plants or fish farms.



Uncovered slurry tank need safety net.

We can offer easy to install safety net:

  • 3mm animalnet, mesh size is 100×100 mm. 
  • Very robust bolted poles 48 x 1500 mm and two-part, 3 m wide gate, which opens 180 degrees.



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